Psychotherapy & Coaching  Services

Psychotherapy & Coaching Services

We work with you so you can get some relief as quickly as possible.  And we work towards that deeper, long-term, sustainable growth so you can feel satisfied, live well and thrive!

Counselors and coaches at LifeWORKS! emphasize listening and responding in carefully attuned ways that respect our clients as individuals as well as members of families and participants in various social and cultural contexts.

We share a systemic, psychodynamic, and humanistic foundation and a commitment to somatic psychotherapy and mindfulness. We are all committed to a collaborative and relational approach: that is, to a view of psychotherapy and coaching that believes what happens in a session is shaped by both client and counselor/coach—a two-person psychology.

Much of our focus is on what happens in the session between counselor/coach  and client. In addition, we strongly value collaboration and empowering clients to participate in treatment planning. As trauma specialists, we know that talk alone does not heal. Trauma is held in our bodies and gaining skills to recognize the body's wisdom is an important part of therapy and coaching. We frequently use mindful self-compassion and somatic approaches alongside insight-oriented psychotherapy, NLP and practical coaching methods.

Our collective experience and expertise allow each of us to offer clients an intelligent, creative, engaged, and effective approach to each client’s specific needs and goals. Integrating both traditional and contemporary models of psychotherapy and coaching, short- and long-term approaches, we provide a warm and confidential environment. Additionally, our own diversity and activism make us a particularly good fit for those dealing with cultural issues and issues connected to social injustice. Our coaches are skilled in many areas such as organizing, disability rights, and understanding the challenges that come from simply living one’s life in an unequal society. We are prepared to meet where you are and walk with you to a place where you can shine.

Whether a therapist or coach better fits your needs can be discussed before scheduling an appointment(see our FAQs). What is most important is our shared foundation for whatever work we do with our clients.