NLP ChangeWork: Therapy & Coaching

NLP ChangeWork: Therapy & Coaching

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is best known for processes of powerful personal and organizational change. NLP explores how people who are excellent at what they do achieve such great results, and how their process can be understood, described in simple steps, and taught to others so they can make the needed changes to get similar results. This process is called modeling.

NLP's initial models demonstrated excellence in personal change work as manifested by psychotherapists (in particular, Milton Erickson, Virginia Satir, and Fritz Perls), who quickly and easily obtained positive results that eluded other therapists.  The core NLP Processes are expressions of these models.

Over time these processes have been adjusted to other contexts as diverse as education, spirituality, business, social change, and sports. New models have been developed in other areas such as creativity, writing, and spelling by modeling those who manifest excellence in those areas

We at LifeWorks started out as NLPWORKS! LLC and continue to develop as NLP practitioners and trainers. In our Coaching we use NLP :
  • to make changes in those thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that are not desirable
  • to create experiences that enable you to be happier and healthier, and live more fully in alignment with your goals and values

 Lifeworks staff have a long and deep history of work with individuals and organizations for personal and social change, including therapy groups, organized labor, individual clients, progressive businesses and large-scale movements, as part of their commitment to the poor and social justice, in both secular and religious contexts. We combine this history with bringing our clients some of the newest, most effective, and most creative processes. In addition to training others, we use these processes regularly with each other on issues that arise in our own lives.

We’re committed to your gaining skills you can use in your own life and share with friends and clients. We also have a commitment to making these programs available to individuals and communities with the greatest needs for these services but the least access. By participating in our programs, you ensure that a large percentage of income from every training goes to support scholarships based on need and service with a focus on marginalized communities.

Finally, NLP’s models, as great as they are, have by and large not come from the most oppressed communities. NLPWORKS is about changing this by extending the range of excellence we model. We believe this will make a real contribution to the evolution of NLP.