Meet The LifeWorks! Team

We  all share LifeWorks! commitment to a  trauma-informed, relational and social justice  oriented approach in the provision of all  our services. Each of us brings different training, skills and  approaches. Collectively, we have over 80 years experience working people, families and groups in processes that foster personal growth , healing and change,  as well as in teaching, advocacy movements for social change.

Renee Levant
Renee LevantFounding Clinician, NLP Trainer, and
Trauma, Psychodynamic, Mindfulness, NLP, Race, Culture & Disability, Religion Read More About Renee
Mabella Mendez
Mabella MendezClinician and Life
Family Systems, Anxiety *& Stress, Health, Spirituality, Creativity Read More About Mabella
The Lyon
The LyonGreat
He thinks highly of himself! Rightly so!
Read More About The Lyon
Sedgwick Heskett
Sedgwick HeskettNLP Counselor, Writing Coach and Addiction
NLP based Addiction Counseling, Writing, Writers Block, NLP Training,